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Brian Troup


Brian Troup has been in the construction industry for over two decades aggressively working through the leadership ranks in both the military and civilan sectors. For many years he held a vision of creating his own company, and then in 2017 his vision became a reality when he Co-founded Troplaix - his “point of no return”. Brian is a big picture leader who knows how to build a strong team of professionals with integrity. With an "all in" attitude, there is never a doubt to if the job will get done both on time and within budget. 

Jeff Blain


Jeff Blain Co-founded Troplaix General Contractors LLC with a focus on the complex corporate interior workings. Jeff's responsibilities include developing company standards for field management, overseeing quality control, and scheduling strategies while overseeing performance and maintaining morale. His strong communication and client service skills has greatly helped to enhance Troplaix’s process-driven management philosophy and accelerate the compony to new levels.